UX professional with 11 years' experience, master's degree and numerous international awards.


Strategic yet conceptual.
Direct and engaging.
Digital user experience management for global brands.


Kresimir Miloloza

With over a decade of work experience and master's degree in design, for the last 7 years I have narrowed my focus on digital product user experience which sums all disciplines covered so far.

Having witnessed first hand what synergy of UX direction and Marketing can achieve, I am a very passionate advocate of UX integration into business processes from the start. Strategic UX management, along with Marketing, should clearly define the strategy for the user/customer experience and use UX toolset to execute that across all user/customer touch points.

Furthermore, I am truly convinced that UX should have a firm place at a boardroom table — to report results in business terms and to show the true value of executing great user experiences. A true corporate UX leader should demonstrate those results to get and maintain a seat at the table. Those results should be demonstrated in its pure, rather concise, but nonetheless direct business terms — KPIs and other critical user metrics to swiftly evaluate how UX stands against defined SMART goals.

In my personal experience, a management UX role that is present in a boardroom is still a rare occurrence. And that's not just a flaw in corporate management — designers are in need of passionate leaders who can structure what they do and who understand business processes. This is exactly what I am aiming for.