UX professional with 11 years' experience, master's degree and numerous international awards.


Some selected accolades.


London, UK, 2017
Work featured in the 'Loop Effect' magazine.

New York, USA, 2016
Work selected and published in 'Design Elements, 2nd Edition' book by Timothy Samara, Rockport Publishers.

Zurich, Switzerland, 2014
Work selected and published in ‘Packaging design’ book, Braun Publishing AG.

New York, USA, 2012
Work selected by Behance jury and featured in 'Packaging served gallery'.

Guangzho, China, 2012
Christmas Tea selected among the best projects intended for the holiday celebrations and listed in the book ‘Holiday and Ceremonies Design’ by Sendpoints Books LLC.

Hong Kong, China, 2012
Christmas Tea project selected as one of the best packagings for food products in 2011 and listed in the Victionary’s ‘Eat Me’ book.

New York, USA, 2011
Core77 Design Awards: Notable Award in the ‘Never Saw the Light of Day’ category with Christmas Tea design.

Zagreb, Croatia, 2011
First prize at state-wide public competition for visual identity of Ministry of Justice.

Osijek, Croatia, 2010
Photo Club Osijek Award for ‘Rub’ Photo at Annual Photo Exhibition in Osijek.

Zagreb, Croatia, 2009
Third prize for SEECEL visual identity at state-wide public competition, Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Commerce.

Maribor, Slovenia, 2009
'Silver Bra’ Award for AAD Magazine design in Newspapers and Publications category at ‘Magdalena’, 11th international festival of creative communications.

Maribor, Slovenia, 2009
Experimental Design Finalist for ‘Juicy’ packaging design at ‘Magdalena’, 11th international festival of creative communications.