UX professional with 11 years' experience, master's degree and numerous international awards.

Christmas Tea

The point of the project was questioning modern conventions of Christmas, and the shared visual identity that is used when celebrating the holidays. Christmas Tea is a reinterpretation of the traditional Christmas tea packaging with a clear message: Christmas is a holiday which we share with people that are special to us. In the same way, the packaging is forcing and motivating users to share and consume tea with a loved one.

Awards and accolades:
New York, USA: Won Core77 Design Award in the ‘Never Saw the Light of Day’ category; Hong Kong, China: Christmas Tea project selected as one of the best packagings for food products in 2011 and listed in the Victionary’s ‘Eat Me’ book. New York, USA: Christmas Tea selected by Behance jury and featured in ‘Packaging served gallery’ Guangzhou, China: Selected and featured in ‘Holiday & Ceremonies Design’ book by Sendpoints Books LLC.

This is great, but why is it here?

This is great, but why is it here?

Yup, I know, I'm a UX professional, and digital products are my home now, but this shows how I evolved professionally. Before UX, like many other UX professionals, I was a designer in the offline field, producing mostly branding solutions and packaging designs that caught international attention, like this one. Besides, this one got so many accolades I mentioned in my CV, so I had to include it here to show what I'm talking about.