UX professional with 11 years' experience, master's degree and numerous international awards.

Microsoft transforms the way schools communicate with students

Remember the old days when the teacher would give homework on paper, and you had to hand out finished writing on a specific day? These days are long gone, but students still have to juggle multiple apps see their timetable — and yet there’s no way to upload homework digitally.

This multi-context app system makes it easy for students to download a school timetable, monitor all school activities, exams and assignments.

Users can see a weekly and a monthly timetable and an overview of tasks and exams with event details, as well as associated documents. The application supports homework upload which notifies the teacher when someone uploads a homework.

This project required my expertise in user experience design and user interface design, both of which had to be specifically tailored to match Windows UX and UI guidelines. UI design relies heavily on color coding for semantic linking. Dark green is reserved for exams and more urgent tasks while light green is used for other functions that are not time critical.

This app system is currently being used in Croatia, as a part of government’s efforts to digitalize education. The app is live and it is available for download.

My role: Lead UX Designer

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